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Organize your lunch break and enjoy playing with your colleague the new foosball league.

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Become a packeroo

Spice up your foosball game with packeroo - get a foosball league and compete for the cup.

Fair Matches

Flexible generator for fair foosball matches - including direct positioning for all players.

The League

Get the cup. With packeroo the administration of your league can't get easier and you only need to submit your match results.

Awards & Statistics

Visualize your match results and get tons of different statistics on your game plus tons of awards you can unlock.

Keine Installation

Our cloud-based tool stores your results and you can access them from everywhere - no installation required.

How it works

Creating a foosball league with packeroo is simple as 1-2-3 - no installation needed and works on all your devices.


Check in!

Your in mood for a foosball match? Check in with packeroo and as soon as enough of your colleague did the same you can start a match.


Game on!

Now packeroo creates one or multiple matches and you can start playing foosball. The positions for all players will get set by packeroo to keep it fair & equal, so you don't need to do anything else than having fun.



Submit your result in the app and get the points - packeroo does all the math stuff and you can focus on the next foosball match.

Hands on the foosball - the league in your pocket

You can use packeroo whereever you find a foosball - with your colleague in the office or your friends in your favorite pub.


Play foosball in your lunch break or after work with your colleague.


Challenge your friends or new opponents in your favorite pub with packeroo.


You can create a league for your friends & family at home if you have a foosball in your place.


Wherever you find a foosball you can use packeroo.

"Packeroo is genius! It's unbelievable how easy you can get your foosball league organized with packeroo, plus all the statistics & gimmicks the app has.
I'm sure that foosball will get more popular with packeroo."

Are you like Alex?

Our short video shows you what packeroo will do in 1 minute


We offer the package that fits your needs - including 30 days no-questions-asked money back.

Forever Free

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∞ Matches

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NFC Tags

Integration popular messenger apps

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most-asked question answered for you - if you have any more questions please feel free to use our contact form at the bottom of the page.

Packeroo is a digital foosball league app that will create a league system for your foosball matches. Don't mind all the data management and forget spreadsheets, only submit your match results and see who is the best.

The simple reason is fun. Instead of playing against each other in the same teams without keeping results you can spice it up with a league system where you can challenge each other.

A foosball and some people to play with - and packeroo works on any device.

Next to the league administration you can unlock awards in packeroo that show off big victories or long streaks. The statistics will tell you who you play best with and tell you a lot more about your game.

Yes, like the FOREVER FREE package tells in its name, it will be forever free without any limitations in functionalities you need for your foosball league.

The PRO version adds more awesome features like using NFC tags directly on your foosball or sending notifications on more popular messenger services.

Once you signed up, you can easily send them an invitation to your league directly from the packeroo app via email, Facebook, Whatsapp and many more.

Tips & News

In our blog, you will find useful guides to improve your foosball game and news about packeroo.

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